Supports Aspect Call Center ACD and Aspect UIP

Development Services

Call Center ACD:

  • Call control tables (CCT) Development

UIP (Unified Integrated Platform)

  • IP based network inter queue (IPNIQ) development
  • Advance Skill Based Routing (ASBR) development
  • RTR canvas development for real time monitoring of contact center.

Administrative Services

Call Center ACD:

  • Aspect System Management Suite (ASMS) Administration
  • Agent Administrations
  • System Administration
  • Route Administration
  • Hardware Administration

UIP (Unified Integrated Platform)

  • Services Administration
  • User Administration
  • System Administration
  • Disposition and Schedules Administration

QA Services

Call Center ACD:

  • Testing of CCT before release to production to ensure calls are landing to right agent group.
  • Testing of IPNIQ routing
  • Testing ACD system configurations created using ASMS

UIP (Unified Integrated Platform)

  • Testing of UIP created services
  • Testing of IPNIQ routing
  • Testing of ASBR routing

System Support/Monitoring:

  • ACD/UIP monitoring using RTR canvases and alerts
  • Health Check routines for system health
  • On call support for ACD/UIP

ACD releases and Post release testing

  • Change Management support
  • Call Center ACD CCT release and other system parameter configuration at release time
  • Post release testing during off business as well during business hrs.

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