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Performance Testing Services

Performance Testing is the process by which a product or software is tested to determine its current performance. The key objective of Performance Testing is to establish the system’s ability to function as per specification and to demonstrate acceptable response times while processing transaction volumes on a production database.
Our Performance Testing strategy includes an umbrella of services like Load testing, Stress testing, Volume testing, and Scalability testing. Our performance optimization solutions leverage established processes and certified methodologies. Our performance testing lab processes, tools, and skills enable your applications to meet heavy user loads during peak times and thus ensure high uptime for your mission critical applications before you roll them out.


Security Testing Services

Application vulnerabilities leave your system open to attacks, Downtime, Data theft, Data corruption and application Defacement. Security within an application or web service is crucial to avoid such vulnerabilities and new threats.
We provide complete security testing service to support all the software testing needs of an organization or business unit. To determine how well the application stands up to a concentrated attack, we offer Penetration Testing, Network Access Controls and Firewall’s service.
Vastek Inc vulnerability testing service extensively tests your application for possible security loopholes to ensure your application or system is secured against the security threats.
While automated tools can help to eliminate many generic security issues, the detection of application vulnerabilities requires independent evaluation of your specific application’s features and functions by experts. An external security vulnerability review by Vastek Inc’s Testing will give you the best possible confidence that your application is as secure as possible.


Software Localization

Develop an efficient manner to localize their patented solution for call centers.

Vastek Inc is a successful company with a unique patented solution, which allows call centers to significantly reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction. Expanding into international markets is a key element of their growth strategy. Thus, they needed a process to quickly localize their software.

Instead of jumping into the translation of the source files, the source code was streamlined.

Knowing that the software might need to be changed in the future to accommodate other languages, the overall structure was streamlined, (often referred to as “internationalization” or i18n). This means there’s a single code base, which will support all target markets. Changes did not need to be made in all various language versions. They were made in a single place, and seamlessly inherited by all locales. Likewise, testing did not need to be duplicated, which saved a significant amount of time.


Specialist Testing Services

Vastek Inc is an independent specialist testing services organization offering comprehensive testing solutions ranging from performance to interoperability testing and consultancy to training. These solutions help organizations achieve predictable software quality gains while reducing the time and cost associated with testing activities by leveraging Vastek Inc Global Delivery Model.


What Vastek Does

Vastek Inc is one of the fastest growing global consulting and IT services company, offering a wide array of solutions customized for a range of industry verticals and horizontals. From strategy consulting right through to implementing IT solutions for customers, Vastek Inc covers the entire IT space.Vastek Inc makes an ideal partner for organizations looking at transformational IT solutions because of its core capabilities, great human resources, commitment to quality and the global infrastructure to deliver a wide range of technology and business consulting solutions and services, 24/7. Vastek Inc enables business results by being a ‘transformation catalyst’. It offers integrated portfolio of services to its clients in the areas of Consulting, System Integration and Outsourcing for key-industry verticals.