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Healthcare Business Process Services

Clinical research organizations face mounting challenges with conventional clinical trial processes due to rising costs and complex regulations. Difficulty in recruiting subjects for clinical trials and ineffective measures to monitor the trial process add to these challenges. Also, the lack of effective data management and reporting tools impedes effective management of large volumes of patient data for regulatory purposes. These challenges have led to time lags, operational inaccuracies, and constant re-work for the healthcare teams. In this context, digitization is seen as a potential solution to tackle these challenges and to bring about the much needed process improvements. This paper discusses how digitization can help transform the clinical research industry from relying on manual processes to one that drives its processes and data through technologies that aid centralization. Digitization drives faster time-to-market as a result of automation, real-time flow of information, de-risking of processes, and enhanced coordination between stakeholders.

Speeding up the Process and Improving Efficacy of Clinical Trials Digitization has begun to revolutionize the clinical trial industry. By converging existing methods with analytics, cloud, social media, and mobile technologies, sponsors will be able to enhance the accuracy of clinical trials, while depending on a framework that simplifies compliance with regulatory guidelines. Adoption of technology has improved the efficiency of clinical trials, providing a platform with the promise of faster drug discoveries. With the onset of Health 2.0 technologies, healthcare professionals are looking forward to a paperless industry that will significantly optimize the way the industry functions.

Streamlining for data collection and Most clinical trials are conducted at a global level, resulting in massive data generation, collection, and management. Leveraging a digital platform enables sponsors to manage the huge volumes of data in a systematic, structured, and meaningful way. Implementing an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system helps streamline and index data in an efficient and scalable manner. Moreover, it promotes faster retrieval of data and faster processing of voluminous data to generate meaningful reports.


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